Tennis Ball And Its Versatility

Fluorescent yellow balls, covered with a fibrous felt to modify their aerodynamic properties, designed for the sport of tennis are tennis balls. All the balls meant for tennis somewhat looks the same apart from the difference in their color. Each ball has a white curvilinear oval over it.

There are essentially two kinds of tennis balls, viz., pressure fewer chunks and compacted chunks. Compacted chunks are hollow in the center and are full of air, sometimes nitrogen too. These features help in maintaining the endurance of the balls. Pressure fewer balls, on the other hand, feel a little dead right from the start. However, with time and usage, the fabric on the cover wears away as well as the rubber inside softens, and become bouncier.

Things To Know About Tennis Balls Are Listed Below:

  1. The first tennis balls that were made had human or animal hair stuffed into leather pouches.
  2. The fact that orange tennis balls are less visible on television screens is the reason fluorescent yellow balls have flourished.
  3. A ball which is competent enough to be used in a match has a pressure in it which equals to about 2 atmospheres
  4. The International Tennis Federation has assured the quality over 200 of the tennis ball productions.
  5. The most luxurious material in the tennis balls is “felt” covering which is ‘melted into the ball and helps in the flight and wind resistance of the ball
  6. When the quality canister storing the tennis balls are opened, balls start losing their pressure
  7. The International Tennis Federation has approved that a tennis ball must weigh between 56.7 grams and 58.5 grams with a diameter ranging between 63.5 mm and 66.7 mm.
  8. Modern tennis balls are pressurized when the two halves of the ball are joined in a compression chamber
  9. Tennis balls are used according to the surface they are being used upon, like clay, lawn, carpet and hard court surfaces. Before 2002, only one kind of tennis ball was used
  10. Since tennis balls cannot be recycled, you should try finding ways to reuse it to give it a second lease of life. Apart from the fact that they’re used to play the sport of tennis, tennis balls have a great many uses you surely did not know about. A few have been listed for your help:

You can cut an “X” in the top of each ball and put them at the bottom of each ball to do away with the floor scuffs and cut down the noise for better information please go to tennis information website. You can use them as shock absorbing cushions to hold items steadily when you are packing something to ship them. You can drill a hole into a ball and use it as a protective home for field mice as they have been used in the UK, and you can make an incognito squirt gun. Now, it is upon you to create various other uses of tennis balls. Hope this article clears everything about tennis ball.