There are a few fundamental skills that a professional basketball player should portray. In the world, some professionals, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Magic Johnson, handle, pass, shoot, rebound, or play defense, giving out their best skills. These are rare basketball players that do play at the highest level.

If you are interested in playing basketball professionally, follow and get tips from professional basketball players Rob Willemse, or you have to excel in these skills and techniques. However, you must excel in one skill or two to get a chance on a basketball court. If you have five talents, the sky will be the limit.playing basketball

Basketball is an enjoyable game that most people would love to play. Therefore, having the skills to prove you are the best is essential. In the article, we highlighted the fundamental skills necessary in basketball:


The professionals dribble and control basketball as if they are playing on a string. You need to have good skills in dribbling the ball as a player. When dribbling, one should use fingertips and not palms.

It would help if you dribbled when your head was up to view the pitch on the basketball court. Here, you can see the opponent and teammates properly. You must also keep the body low while using an off-ball hand to keep the defender at bay. Dribbling requires working with both hands, and you feel comfortable moving all sides.


A professional basketball player needs good skills in passing the ball. Here, you can anticipate where your teammate will go or what the defender can do. You have, therefore, to master the basics. The moves you do are not for show but to give your team a scoring chance.


As a basketball player, it will be difficult for you to score, especially when you can’t shoot that ball effectively. Shooting will be an art to master to have a knack for it.

Any player can improve in the shooting because it’s an essential skill in pitch. You will, therefore, need to practice to get proper techniques like squaring the body, shooting basketball with fingertips, putting a backspin, and ensuring the elbows aren’t flying.


Rebounding makes one tall and able to jump and, therefore, desire. You can be small for forward, but having rebounding skills, you are fit for the position. On Champshoops basketball website you can find different rebounding techniques. 

When rebounding, boxing out – blocking the opponent –makes one a good rebounder. If you want to do rebounding, ensure you focus and maintain concentration.


Sometimes, the best scorers also play at shooting slumps. You need to understand and hustle both defense teams to play good defense. If you want to defend a player, ensure your head is lower than his, and be close enough to offend and bother him.

However, it would help if you also remembered that other players are on that court. So, while playing defense, you must ensure that your teammate doesn’t lose the opponent.

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